Click on the banner above to purchase trip insurance with TRAVEL GUARD.

We strongly recommend you purchase a trip insurance policy.  Please, click the link above to be directed to the Travel Guard Sportsman Package page.

Think trip insurance costs too much? THINK AGAIN! Complete trip coverage on a week-long fly fishing trip for a customer between the age of 35 and 59 will cost approximately $144.00 total. If you have just paid $3500.00 for a trip, this is well worth the price. Once you purchase this policy, you will be covered on everything from trip cancellation due to jury duty all the way to a trip cut short by a tropical hurricane. This policy covers almost everything you can imagine.

Check Travel Guard Sportsman Package Insurance:

Their coverage includes:

  • Sportsman's Equipment Coverage
  • Sportsman's Equipment Delay Coverage
  • Trip Cost Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Cost Trip Interruption
  • License Cost - License Fee Refund
  • $1,500 in Trip Delay Compensation (12 hour delay/$150 per day)
  • $25,000 in Medical Expense Coverage
  • $500,000 in Emergency Medical Evacuation Expense
  • $2,500 Sportsman's Equipment & Personal Effects coverage

If you have do have a claim:

  • Claims are initiated by simply calling the toll-free number
  • All claims are reviewed by a dedicated claims analyst within 24 hours

When you purchase this travel insurance policy within 15 days of making your initial deposit, you receive:

  • Protection against cruise line, airline, and tour operator bankruptcy.
  • Protection if pre-existing medical conditions force you to cancel or interrupt a trip.