Multi day float trips

These raft trips take place in the heart of Patagonia (Alumine, Chimehuin and Limay Rivers), offering the finest rainbow and brown trout fishing in the world.
The duration of our wilderness float trips last between three and seven days and are fully guided.   From the start of the float you will be immersed in Patagonia and the greatest trout fishing on earth.
Our camping equipment is the finest available in South America including six foot tall Gore-tex tents with cots, mats and pillows; modern catarafts with leaning bars and stripping baskets, marine coolers, satellite phone, VHF communications and much more.
We have a guide/chef who will spoil you with excellent homemade meals, Argentine Barbeques, fresh Perca (local Perch) dinner and a great selection of Argentine wines.
During a week's trip we're likely to be the only rafts on the water making it a true wilderness adventure, the way it was meant to be!