3 Day float itinerary

This is a sample itinerary for the purpose of illustration only and we used the Alumine river as an example.  We float the Alumine, Chimehuin, Collon Cura, Limay and Caleufu Rivers.

These are the waters we typically fish from the Lodge.  We may vary your specific itinerary according to your fishing preferences and prevailing weather, temperature, water levels, fish migration and the opinions of our guides.  We can also arrange trips to other great fisheries from the Lodge if you so desire.

Day 1                                                                                                                     
  • Breakfast at the Lodge at 7.30 am
  • After breakfast we’ll drive north and start our float on the upper reaches of the Alumine River 

This section of the river is located in the most fertile parts of the river and it starts getting wider along our float due to the water it receives from its many tributaries.  This is pool after run after pool after run for around 96 kilometers and then some.    A lot of sight fishing is done picking the best and bigger fish.  A Stimulator/Chernobyl Ant/Hopper – nymph combo works phenomenally well.  In January and February there is also the incredible green inch worm hatch.  If there is a little wind (and there always is in Patagonia) hundreds of tiny olive or chartreuse worms (each about ¾ inches long) fall in the water below the willows.  A well placed fly below the willow branches often produces really nice rainbows and browns.  Caddis and mayflies are ever present in the Alumine River but never forget to bring large stonefly imitations, there are not many, but god they work.  Late afternoon we may switch to a weighted streamer or Pancora crayfish imitation to try to catch a trophy fish or save a Perca or two for dinner

  • Overnight camp.
  • Recommended rods 5 or 6 wt with floating lines and 7’ to 12’ leaders or 200 grain 24 ft sinking tip line

Days 2

  • Same as day one but we’ll stop and wade upstream the many tributaries and spring creek that enter the Alumine River during this stretch.
  • Recommended rods 5 or 6 wt with floating lines and 7’ to 12’ leaders or 200 grain 24 ft sinking tip line for the Alumine River and 7’ to 9’ # 3 or 4 wt rods with floating lines for tributaries and spring creek

Day 3

  • All day float the last stretch of the Alumine River until take out place where we’ll arrive around 4 pm.
  • Drive back to Lodge and get ready for farewell dinner consisting of Argentine roasted Lamb.

Day 4

  • Today we will say our good-byes and go to San Martin de los Andes for some shopping and lunch (depending on time of departure flight) and then transfer to the Airport for departure.