Malleo River


About 20 km from Chime Lodge you’ll reach the mid reaches of the Malleo River.  Regarded as one of the top 3 rivers in Patagonia, the Malleo is born on the very productive Lake Tromen on the northern foothills of Lanin Volcano.  

Upper Malleo
The upper parts of this river are not easy to fish due to heavily dense vegetation and steep gradient but very rewarding.  The upper part is home of lots of small trout and some large resident fish and migratory rainbow and brown trout. This is small pocket water on the heart of Parque Nacional Lanin.

Mid and lower Malleo
We will concentrate on the lower reaches until its confluence with the Alumine River; on the Mapuche Indian Reservation; where it is easily waded, has abundant hatches throughout the season and holds large numbers of nice sized residen rainbow and brown trout.

It is a dry fly paradise!  You can fish all day long different pools and runs sight fishing for large trout is possible if your eyes are good and your casting better.

It is also a river that will reward the streamer fishermen with large brown trout, especially during low light conditions.