Collon Cura River

The super productive Collon Cura River is born from the union of the Chimehuin and Catan Lil Rivers and flows for about 70 km until it reaches the Piedra del Aguila Reservoir. 

Besides the undisputed quality of the fishing, this is the place where its possible to see the unique wildlife from Patagonia.  Just look up and you’ll see condors, eagles, ducks, falcons and raptors.  Look to the banks and you may spot red deer, red and grey foxes, guanacos, rheas, otters and more.

Due to the proximity to the reservoir, it’s a great river to Spey cast large streamers in search of large migratory brown trout (landlocked version of Rio Grande’s sea run browns), especially early and late in the season.

For the angler who’s done it all and wants to catch that extra fish there are Percas and Pejerrey Patagonico in abundance, especially during warm summer days.