Chimehuin River

The fabled Chimehuin River is the most famous of all Patagonian rivers and home of endless stories of the monster trout that live in its productive waters.

The Chimehuin is born on Lake Huechulafquen and flows for 40 trout rich kilometers until it meets Collon Cura River.

The Chimehuin, also referred as “the Cathedral of Patagonia Fly fishing” is the place where fly fishing in Patagonia begun. 

Made famous by Joe Brooks and other fly fishing gods during the ‘60’s, the Chimehuin put Patagonia on the fly fishing maps of the world.

The mythical mouth or “Boca” gather fishermen from all around the world to catch the gigantic trout that every year migrates from the lake to the river to spawn.

The Chimehuin is very productive with all fly fishing techniques be it dry, nymph or streamer and every corner may give you the fish of a lifetime.

We can float right from the Lodge or drive and wade the many productive pools the Chimehuin has to offer.