Alumine River

The Alumine river is born in the homonymous lake and flows for 160 trout infested waters until it meets the Catan Lil River and forms the Collon Cura.

The most productive stretch is downstream from Pilo Lil all the way to Catan Lil.  This is the place most guides call “the fish factory” were large concentration of trout feed on well marked lanes or below the ever present willows that cover its banks.

It is not uncommon to hook 50 + fish on a day’s float, with impressive average size fish that will attack a well placed dry fly.  Even though you may fish dries and nymphs all day long for 18” fish, swinging a streamer deep into some pools may give you some trout measured in lbs not inches.  Hook in and hang on!

This is also the place where you will hook and land our native fish called Perca.

The stretch from Pilo Lil to its confluence with the Malleo is the place we choose for our multi day float trip.