The Waters


Chime Lodge is located on the boundaries of Lanin National Park, that offers a majestic landscape throughout its almost 1.5 million acres and dominated by Lanin Volcano a peak of 11.300 ft adorned by snow and dry lava.

This area has more than 20 trout rich lakes that feed a network of rivers that every year attracts the attention of fly fishermen from all around the globe.

The main river in the area is Alumine which receives water from lots of tributaries like the Pulmari, Quillen, Ruca Choroi, Malleo, Pilo lil and Catan lil.  It is at its confluence with the Catan Lil where the Alumine is renamed Collon Cura which also receives water from the Chimehuin, Quemquemtreu and Caleufu Rivers until it drains into Piedra del Aguila Reservoir.