Experience Patagonia Argentina

Resident trout fishing in this part of Patagonia was first made famous by Joe Brooks years and years ago, in this region where the clocks just stopped during a simpler time. Brooks fished the "Boca" of the Chimehuin— minutes from the door of Chime Lodge.

Nervous Waters had considered fishing this region for years—but we knew we had to have a home river-and the lodge also needed to be a hub, within striking distance to other waters. We found it. 

Overlooking the tumbling Chimehuin River, Chime Lodge is ideally located to access to the greatest diversity of trout water in Northern Patagonia. From the doorstep you will access the trophy trout of the Chimehuin River and we are never more than 45 minutes from the fabled trout waters, such as The Malleo, Collon Cura and Alumine rivers, which put Patagonia on the fly fishing map of the World. 

Brown, rainbow, brook trout and landlocked salmon all thrive here. You'll wade, float and fish by vehicle or horseback, depending on the fishing you'd like to enjoy. And the foundation of it all will be the Nervous Waters model for guided fishing and five star service.